Kennedy Heights Senior Housing

In collaboration with MKSK Urban Design and Planning Studio, KHDC’s Housing Committee conducted a neighborhood housing study to build affordable housing in Kennedy Heights, including housing for seniors.

Strategic goals and objectives of the study include:

  1. Investigate opportunities for the development of housing forms that enable seniors to age in the community and/or co-habitat with caregiving friends and family.
  2. Expand the neighborhood’s supply of modern, accessible housing stock.
  3. Diversify the range of available workforce & affordable housing choices.
  4. Improve and expand transportation options for seniors and their families.

The Housing Committee looked at best practice models in Cincinnati such as Avondale Town Center, Marlow Court in College Hill and West Union Square in Colerain. Based on monthly meetings and receiving input from Kennedy Heights residents, the committee asked the following strategic questions:

  1. Should properties along Kennedy and Coleridge Avenues (or other locations) become a focus of the neighborhood’s initial housing development and rehab efforts?
  2. Could vacant and underutilized properties on Montgomery Road be redeveloped for assisted senior living and/or workforce housing?
  3. Is the demo and redevelopment of Northdale Place a viable goal? Or, is the rehab of existing apartment buildings on Northdale Place a more viable alternative to reinvestment and reducing crime?
  4. How should the former Shroder School site be addressed within the neighborhood’s housing development and rehab efforts?
  5. Do we have all the right people and organizations in the room? (Such as Kennedy Heights Community Council, the City of Cincinnati Planning/Housing/Code Enforcement departments, City Council, Cincinnati Police Department, Episcopal Retirement Services, Model Group, Invest in Neighborhoods, Community Building Institute, LISC, CASS, Council on Aging, Working in Neighborhoods, Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority, Greater Cincinnati Redevelopment Authority, Pleasant Ridge Development Corporation, Pleasant Ridge Community Council, and property owners).

Click on the link below to view a summary of the housing study or view the full study.

KHDC Housing Study-community input

KHDC Housing Study Workshop