About the Kennedy Heights Development Corporation

Our  Mission:

Rooted in a history of welcoming all people, Kennedy Heights Development Corporation (KHDC) is dedicated to growing a neighborhood where residents, businesses and community thrive.

The goals of the KHDC are to:

  1. Work with the Kennedy Heights Community Council (KHCC) to further mutual development goals and objectives.
  2. Facilitate and administer programs and activities that serve to promote and sustain high-quality, mixed-income housing throughout Kennedy Heights.
  3. Promote, administer and guide investment and redevelopment activities that improve the functional, aesthetic, cultural and economic well-being of the neighborhood. In addition, we strive to guide investment into the ongoing vitality of Kennedy Heights business district.

Board Members

The KHDC board of trustees consists of a cross-section of local residents chosen for their commitment and skills.

Contact us: [email protected]


    • Board Chair: Jamie Carr, Senior Program Officer, Fifth Third Foundation, [email protected]
    • Board Treasurer: Cinder Miller, Vice President, Gray & Pape, Inc., [email protected]



We are always looking to diversify our board and add new members. If you have a passion for community and economic development, please contact us about getting involved!

The KHDC is recognized under IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) as a nonprofit organization. Contributions to the KHDC are tax-deductible.

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